Community Involvement

Astanza Giving Back

Community Service and Stewardship

Astanza’s success drives our commitment to giving back. Through charitable donations, volunteerism, and partnerships, Astanza has many involvements in the community.

Here’s one of our recent efforts:

Tattoo Removal for a New Life

Laser tattoo removal is an aesthetic procedure with wide appeal. Most tattoo removal patients seek removal because of a change in style, attitude, or preference. However, for some people, laser tattoo removal can be a life-changing event.

Nationwide, coalitions and community groups work hard to provide free or low-cost tattoo removal to ex-gang members. Removing these tattoos (many of which are on the face, neck, and hands) is both practical and symbolic for leaving the gang lifestyle. Tattoo removal gives freedom to those seeking a better life.

Astanza laser has worked with several non-profits, including CAPSLO,¬†Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County, to help give affordable laser tattoo removal in gang-dominated neighborhoods. CAPSLO’s Liberty Tattoo Removal program continues to change countless lives.