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Laser Tattoo Removal Training Program

Hands-On Laser Learning

Astanza offers an expert laser tattoo removal training program with high relevance to the realities of business and patient care.

Our 2-day training course, New Look Laser College, is devoted exclusively to the use of Q-switched laser systems, and our training clients select our training program because they want the most practical and realistic training experience available.

Hands-On Experience

All NLLC training clients perform multiple hands-on tattoo removal treatments with tattooed patients. You will assess and treat a variety of tattoo types at different stages of removal. As a class, we will discuss laser protocols and proper treatment settings.

You will learn the elements of patient interaction, tattoo assessment, and procedure protocols in a real clinical setting. Each training client gets hands-on laser practice before treating patients, and instructors supervise each treatment to ensure patient safety and accurate learning.

Training clients also learn how to perform a patient consultation and discuss aftercare details – for a comprehensive approach to treating patients.

Focused, In-Depth Curriculum

There are many laser training programs around the world that claim to cover laser tattoo removal in their syllabus, but none except NLLC give comprehensive, thorough subject coverage.

Laser Tattoo Removal Training CourseNLLC is well-known as the “go-to” choice of medical professionals and entrepreneurs that want complete, in-depth coverage of laser tattoo removal.

We focus the syllabus only on Q-switched devices, their applications, and practice.

Our course focuses primarily on laser tattoo removal, but we will also discuss the other profitable procedures that can be performed with Q-switched tattoo removal lasers.

Many training clients that have already attended generic laser courses choose to attend NLLC to get more complete exposure to the topic of laser tattoo removal. We even discuss cutting-edge protocols, such as the R20 method.

Laser Tattoo Removal TrainingOpen to the Public

Learn Laser Tattoo RemovalExisting laser owners and anyone interested in the laser tattoo removal industry all are invited to attend NLLC – our course is completely open to the public. No special qualifications or degrees are required to attend. Courses are held approximately every 6 weeks, but seating usually fills in advance.

In addition, all Astanza customers get complimentary NLLC product training for their staff. Astanza provides customized training at the customer’s clinic location when the laser is installed.

If you are interested in laser tattoo removal training but are not yet ready to purchase an Astanza laser system, you can register and pay for the course at the link below.

The NLLC two-day course is offered at our training facility in Houston, Texas, at select locations oversea, or through custom courses anywhere in the United States or internationally.

Course Date / Location

Visit for the reschedule/cancellation policy.

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