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Astanza products are the gold standard of the tattoo removal industry.

Greater efficacy, better safety, and superior reliability make our lasers the choice of physicians and business owners concerned about patient satisfaction and practice profitability.

Our lasers are the foundation to a well-equipped clinic; our partnership is what makes those clinics thrive.

An Industry Innovator

Over the years, real-life practitioners have helped shape Astanza technology. Our laser systems are designed with the clinician in mind for usability, reliability, and efficacy.

Astanza laser systems feature incredibly sophisticated technology, yet are simple to operate. Our machines are the trusted name in laser tattoo removal, with higher power for faster results and advanced beam delivery for patient safety.

No other laser manufacturer offers such an extensive product line of FDA-approved Q-switched laser systems, because no other manufacturer specializes in tattoo removal like Astanza.

Committed to Providing More

Astanza Laser TestimonialsAstanza delivers more than cutting-edge Q-switched laser technology. We share our laser expertise in every area of treatment, patient care, and clinic operations.

Hands-on Astanza product training helps you get the most out of your investment and feel confident as you expand into new practice areas. Our training experts do more than read from a handbook – they draw from extensive industry knowledge and experience.

At Astanza, we don’t pay physicians or industry luminaries to back our products – we earn it through our superior laser technology and customer support. Just ask and we’ll put you in contact with an Astanza success story today.

Astanza Tattoo Removal Lasers

Cutting-Edge Customers

Successful tattoo removal clinics worldwide proudly use Astanza systems. Because Astanza has a unique focus on tattoo removal, we are the premier choice for clinics that specialize in tattoo removal or that want the best technology the industry can offer.

Dr. TATTOFF laser supplierDr. TATTOFF, the largest chain of laser tattoo removal clinics in the world, exclusively purchases Astanza technology to provide unsurpassed treatment quality to their patients.

Dr. TATTOFF is industry-recognized as a leader in tattoo removal, and their experienced medical team has identified Astanza as the premier supplier of tattoo removal laser systems.


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