Company Ethics

Astanza Core Values

The strength of Astanza comes from our adherence to a set of ethical principles. Our development of new technologies, our interactions with customers, and our general commitment to excellence are led by these basic concepts:


Astanza continually brings advancements to tattoo removal and laser aesthetics. Our ongoing commitment to innovation helps us develop versatile new products for this exciting, growing industry.


For Astanza, corporate responsibility extends to our customers, our employees, and the community. We give unparalleled training to Astanza employees so that the knowledge can be shared with our customers and their patients. Our devices are meticulously designed to ensure patient safety and treatment efficacy. Plus, our unwavering pledge to the community has never skipped a beat.


We stand by our word – and our devices. Astanza laser systems are the most reliable in the industry, and we are happy to honor all of our service contracts and give trustworthy support to our customers.


Astanza’s commitment to customers never ends. Thorough product education, advanced training, expert marketing advice, and reliable technical assistance are just a few ways that Astanza supports customers and their practices.