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Invest in Laser Tattoo RemovalAstanza offers a smart opportunity to invest in the growing fields of tattoo removal and aesthetic laser procedures.

Astanza Laser is the only cosmetic laser manufacturer with a specialized focus in laser tattoo removal. Our substantial background in this industry have made it clear that Astanza is the brand to trust as this exciting market grows.


A Booming Future

Compared to the more than 10,000 laser clinics that provide hair removal and IPL treatments, fewer than 1,000 laser tattoo removal clinic operations exist in North America. With the percentage of tattooed American adults exceeding 20% and the high rate of tattoo regret, laser tattoo removal will be the next big cosmetic procedure for decades to come.

In response to the high demand for products in the tattoo removal space, Astanza has grown significantly and continues to do so. We are the leading brand in the tattoo removal space, and our brand is synonymous with expertise in this procedure.

We anticipate that several thousand tattoo removal lasers will be sold over the next 5 years – and Astanza will be at the forefront for providing these systems.

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Invest in Our Better Insight & Technology

Astanza’s “laser focus on laser tattoo removal” creates values for our physician and laser entrepreneur customers. Our industry insight has led us to develop, market, and support laser systems that are useful to treat some of the fastest growing procedures in aesthetics.  Our lasers offer cutting-edge technology combined with extremely high levels of reliability at value pricing.

Invest in Tattoo Removal Companies

Astanza is a dynamic laser company looking for partners in our success. If you are considering an investment that capitalizes on the huge opportunity in laser tattoo removal, contact Astanza by filling out the form on the right side of this page. We’ll send you additional information and make our leadership available for a conversation. They are Harvard-educated experts with candid and meaningful information on the tattoo removal industry and Astanza’s strategic plan.

Interested in starting your own tattoo removal clinic and profiting directly? Check out our Entrepreneurs and Tattoo Removal page.

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