Customer Marketing Partnership

Customer Marketing Partnership

An Exclusive Service to Facilitate Customer Success

Customer Marketing PartnershipAdvanced laser technology ensures optimal tattoo removal results, but it is only one element of a thriving practice. Marketing is the other key necessity to achieving profitability with laser tattoo removal.

At Astanza, we want our customers to succeed. We provide the best in tattoo removal devices, and our efforts don’t stop there. Each laser purchase becomes a partnership – a Customer Marketing Partnership – for advice and assistance in achieving success with laser tattoo removal.

Customer Marketing Partnership Package

Astanza provides the materials, insight, and marketing support to help you fill your appointment book and build revenue. Our marketing support is customized around your needs – it includes effective strategies and services designed with tattoo removal patients in mind.

Marketing Plan for Laser Tattoo Removal

Here’s what the Astanza Customer Marketing Partnership package includes:

  • Duality Tabletop SignPay-per-click advertising setup by our Google AdWords-certified staff
  • Professionally-written press release sent out via PR Newswire
  • Customizable tattoo removal website content package
  • Astanza Before & After photo kit
  • Patient treatment brochures
  • Beautiful tabletop displays and posters promoting your laser services
  • Customized pricing strategy recommendations
  • Expert advice for business strategy and marketing questions

Astanza continually strives to go above and beyond with our marketing services. The Astanza Customer Marketing Partnership is designed to give you expert support where you want it and flexibility and freedom where you need it. We will work to maximize the return of any AdWords advertising budget you set, and we will work to create website content that reflects the branding of your business.

Marketing: Essential to Building Revenue

Laser Tattoo Removal MarketingThere are a few clear necessities to any laser practice: knowledgable laser technicians, quality office space for performing treatments, and an Astanza laser system.

Though less obvious, marketing is equally as important for clinic profitability.

Marketing is essential to getting your clinic’s message out there. If potential patients aren’t aware of you, they will never call to schedule their first appointment. Patients are the key to revenue – and marketing is the key to acquiring patients.

Many physicians and other medical professionals do not actively advertise their existing procedure offerings and instead rely on referrals and word-of-mouth. This method works well for many areas of practice, but not laser tattoo removal. We have found that the most successful laser tattoo removal practices – including those within existing medical practices – use marketing to bring patients in the door.

Strategic Marketing for Maximum Return

Market RisingMarketing may be a necessary expense for a thriving practice, but not all marketing methods have to be expensive. Through Astanza’s experience helping customers, we have seen that online marketing is the best choice to minimize marketing costs while maximizing reach to potential patients.

Online marketing is a powerful tool for the small business. You can reach people actively looking for laser tattoo removal for a fraction of the cost of alternative advertising methods.

Best of all, we’re here to help. Astanza’s marketing experts will discuss your needs, work within your budget, and help find an online marketing solution that works for you.


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