Laser Tattoo Removal School

Practical Training from the Experts at New Look Laser College

Laser Tattoo Removal SchoolEstablished in 2007, New Look Laser College was the first laser training school established for the specialized study of tattoo removal.

We are still the #1 name in tattoo removal education, having trained more tattoo removal practitioners than any other school.

New Look Laser College has trained physicians, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals, with courses frequently held around the US.

Highly Focused Hands-On Training

At New Look Laser College, you will dive into performing treatments on your first day there. Expect to have hours of hands-on practice treating real patient tattoos with Q-switched lasers.

Tattoo Removal Laser SchoolWhen performing laser tattoo removal treatments, different skin tones and tattoos will require different laser settings. Every class at New Look Laser College has a wide variety of patients to give you the greatest experience and teach you how to assess different tattoo variables.

You will treat tattoos with different colors of ink, tattoos on different skin tones, and tattoos at different stages in the removal process.

You also will have experience with a variety of tattoo removal systems, including both Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers and Q-switched Ruby lasers. Not all training schools offer both types of lasers, but NLLC makes sure that all of our training clients get as diverse of training as possible.

Comprehensive Training Curriculum

To be a great practitioner, you need an in-depth understanding of what effect a laser is having on a tattoo during a tattoo removal treatment. Laser physics and laser-skin interaction are core elements of the tattoo removal procedure – understanding these processes will affect how you provide treatments and give you a solid background for when you answer patient questions.

Our training course covers the science behind the procedure while giving you practical knowledge.

In addition to laser-skin interaction and laser physics, the course will also cover:

  • Laser Training School for Tattoo RemovalPatient motivations for tattoo removal
  • Skin anatomy and tattoos
  • How to assess tattoos for treatment
  • Proper safety procedures
  • Protocols for different tattoos and skin types
  • The patient consultation
  • Steps for providing treatments
  • Aftercare and side effects
  • Contraindications for treatment
  • Marketing techniques
  • Business operations and regulations

Designed to Help You Profit with Tattoo Removal

We all know that the tattoo removal industry is growing. Over 50 million Americans now have tattoos, and each person that gets a tattoo is a potential tattoo removal patient – tattoo regret is often cited to be between 25% and 50%.

We’ve worked with practitioners across the US, so we know the challenges facing clinics in different markets. We will provide essential information and consulting to help you minimize costs during your first year providing laser tattoo removal and attract more patients to your practice.

From business operations to marketing advice, NLLC covers all of the essential topics to help you profit in this rapidly growing field.

Taught by Industry Leaders

School for Laser Tattoo RemovalThe training team at New Look Laser College has been on all sides of the tattoo removal industry – from running a tattoo removal clinic to engineering Q-switched lasers to performing treatments.

Our experience in the field has helped shape our course into the wealth of practical knowledge that it is.

Convenient for You

The New Look Laser College course is a two-day course that is convenient for entrepreneurs and physicians with busy lifestyles.

We have courses in Dallas and in select additional cities in Florida and Nevada.

Clients share rave reviews about NLLC, and countless training clients have gone forward to establish their own successful tattoo removal practices.

 Interested to learn more about New Look Laser College? Call +1 (281) 846-5890 or fill out the form on this page.

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