A Variety of Profitable Laser Applications

Astanza Laser’s sophisticated Q-switched lasers can perform a range of popular procedures. Add to your bottom line by adding on in-demand treatments with an advanced, FDA-cleared Astanza Laser device.

Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal thumbnailThe market for tattoo removal has exploded over the last decade, and numerous industry reports show laser tattoo removal to be one of the fastest growing treatments for cosmetic laser practitioners. Astanza Laser is the only exclusive manufacturer of Q-switched lasers devoted to the profitable niche market of treating unwanted tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal is easy to perform and yields impressive results. Advanced Q-switched laser technology, based on decades of clinical research, creates enhanced tattoo ink shattering with less risk to patient skin. Equipped with superior Astanza technology, practitioners can now enter the field of laser tattoo removal with confidence.


Pigmented Lesions

pigmented lesion thumbnailFreckles, age spots, cafe-au-lait spots, and sunspots are all key examples of benign pigmented lesions that can be effectively removed with an Astanza Q-switched laser – often in a single treatment. Pigmented lesion removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that can turn back the effects of time and sun exposure to restore unblemished skin.


Vascular Lesions

Vascular Lesion ThumbnailVascular lesions can appear on almost any part of the body. Spider veins, telangiectases, and angiomas are types of small, benign vascular lesions that can be easily treated with Astanza Q-switched laser systems. In just a few cosmetic laser treatments, these small, blood-colored imperfections can easily be either lightened or vanished.


Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation ThumbnailWhen applied at low energy levels, Q-switched laser light can have an amazing reversal effect on dull complexion, fine lines, and enlarged pores. Skin rejuvenation treatments only take minutes to perform and require no downtime. Dubbed the “lunchtime facelift,” skin rejuvenation is a profitable aesthetic procedure with mass appeal.


Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus ThumbnailToenail fungus is a surprisingly common condition that affects millions of people. While oral and topical medications promise relief for unsightly yellow, brittle toenails, most medications are ineffective and have harsh side effects. Alternatively, Astanza Revolution laser treatment kills fungus in usually just one session.