The Market for Tattoo Removal

The Market for Tattoo Removal

A Rapidly-Growing Industry

Few cosmetic laser procedures are as exciting and profitable as laser tattoo removal. The popularity of tattoos matched with the high prevalence of “tattoo regret” has caused millions of patients to seek tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal has established itself within the aesthetics community as the only true answer to unwanted tattoos. Endless success stories prove that laser tattoo removal can remove tattoos to completion without scarring or burns. Now, the word is out: laser tattoo removal is the next big thing in the cosmetic industry.

Tattoo Market Characteristics

Tattoos transcend all demographics and defy all stereotypes. They have become mainstream in America, with celebrities, athletes, and even politicians getting inked. Statistics about the tattoo market indicate the potential for tattoo removal market growth.

Tattoo Statistics

As seen by these statistics, tattoos are incredibly popular in America, especially with younger generations. As these generations of tattooed individuals age, the demand for tattoo removal will continue to grow.

Tattoo Removal Market Characteristics

The tattoo removal industry is rapidly growing to keep up with the demand for the procedure. Year after year, the market continues to grow as people embrace laser tattoo removal as an effective solution to regain control over skin appearance.Tattoo Removal Statistics

As the evidence shows, the average tattoo removal patients are young and female, and they have small, easy-to-remove black tattoos. There is a large crossover between tattoo removal patients and consumers of other aesthetic procedures.

Example Patients

Removal patients tend to be successful and image-conscious, and they often frequent cosmetic procedures. Because the cost of tattoo removal is many times the cost of tattoo application, the procedure only attracts those with the means to pay.

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Mary: Tattoo Removal PatientVanessa: Tattoo Removal PatientAshley: Tattoo Removal Patient   Bryan: Tattoo Removal Patient

Patient Motivations

People seek laser tattoo removal for a variety of motivations. Tattoo regret can arise from a change in lifestyle, a change in attitudes, or almost any conceivable reason. Because tattoo removal is a time-consuming and expensive process, patients are generally very motivated for removal and happy with results after treatments. Here are some of the most common reasons people seek tattoo removal:

  • Tattoo is an ex’s name
  • Patient is tired of having limited clothing options
  • Patient doesn’t want their children to see it
  • Tattoo is limiting acceptance to jobs or military
  • Artist did poor quality work
  • Tattoo has faded over time
  • Attitudes toward the tattoo’s meaning have changed

Procedure Pricing

Laser tattoo removal practitioners charge a premium for their time. Each treatment is generally priced between $100 to $500, and most patients require between 5 and 10 treatments to achieve complete removal. The laser procedure itself only takes between 30 seconds and 15 minutes to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. When you combine those figures together, you can calculate the massive potential for profit in the laser tattoo removal industry.

Tattoo Removal Profitability